Would you like to add 20 - 25 yards to your game and hit it straighter?

The Explanar is a training and strengthening device used in lessons and instruction that consists of four components.

The Power Roller is a substitute club that is used on the swing loop in place of a real club. It weighs four pounds, which is about five times heavier than a golf club, hence the strengthening factor.

The Swing Loop is to control and train for the correct swing plane for your physical characteristics. It adjusts to accomodate golfers from 5' to 6' 6".

The Plane Fin at the top of the loop is to feel the proper arm and hand positions that keep the club on the proper plane at the top of the swing.

The Stance Mat keeps your feet in the proper position in relation to the plane you are establishing with the loop.

How does the Explanar work?

By far the hardest thing is the "feel" of what a good swing is. Often what we feel is happening in our swing and what is happening in reality are not even close. Virtually every time a golfer sees his swing on video he says, "Boy, it sure doesn't look like it feels." Since a golfer can't see himself as he makes a swing, he has to rely on feel. The Explanar turns "feel is not real", into "feel is real".

The Explanar works because it makes you stronger specifically in the golf muscles and fundamentally sound in your swing motion. Your golf muscles will be as strong as they have ever been and you will be trained in the proper plane and release of the club.

How do I get started?                                                           

Call JR Ables at 614-529-9646 to set up your first appointment for a lesson or instruction with the explanar!

Perhaps you would be interested in the Explanar for your home.  Click here for more information.  


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